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If you would like to submit content to this site please read the following. 

Any content shared with us will be visable to others until a shutdown request.

to submit content please use the "submit content" page. 

1. fill out the given info boxes 

2. use the message box to fill out the following (if these directions are not followed the content will not be displayed) 

write the following in the message box. songs should be written by you or someone you know. If a song is by a famous artist it will be ignored

(song name)

(artist name)

(recording of the song in link or file form)

(four digit code of your choice)

you may submit more than one song or piece but they will be displayed together. 

any submitions containing fake of invalid email addresses will be ignored. You may be emailed if your submition is not put in. 

shutdown requests

any submition will be displayed until an executive desision to remove it or a shutdown request. A shutdown request can be made in the same place as submiting content. You can make one by using the same first step as submiting content and using this template

Shutdown request

(song name/all)

(artist name) 

(your same four digit code)

if you forget your four digit code please email us this message using the same email address as the one in the submition

the artist of (song name) would like to have their song, (song name) removed from your site. 

 your song/s should be removed the following day. 

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to share content please send an email to thank you!
  • Novato, California, United States

We are three kids that started a digital band together. We hope to keep making songs and add many people to our group and we hope that we can get more songs that people share to come onto our website. 
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NEW! someone has FINALLY submitted some content! unfortunately this person did not include a real name, a real email, or a name, if you have some content to share PLEASE put your real name and email and put a name to the song.

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